Having Both Ep. 36

Is there a flag on Kodak Black?

Is Omari Hardwick foul for his greeting?

Monica divorces Shannon Brown.

Charlize wants a man to step up!

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  1. Kevin Patton

    After hearing about Monica filing for divorce from Shannon Brown, I felt the need to look into this a little more. I hear the masses coming to Monica’s defense calling her a great woman that doesn’t deserve to be treated foul by Shannon. I agree. There should always be honesty in a relationship. However, as i dove deeper into Monica’s past I found that she was in a relationship that ended tragically. Her man at the time, was dealing with the loss of his brother and took his own life in front of Monica. That had to be very traumatic for Monica to witness. However within that same year, Monica got involved in a new relationship. The same year. Did she fully heal? With her new relationship she bore two children. In early 2010 Monica left the father of her two children. Yet in June of 2010 she began dating Shannon Brown. The two had a child and got married in 2011. Though Shannon was caught cheating, we’re ignoring the fact that Monica never healed from her relationships. She’s jumped from one person to the next workout detoxing and getting over the hurt. Again Monica seems like a good woman but she’s got baggage. For her future, she should take some time to heal because it’s not just her. She’s got three children that need her. I wish the Brown family well.

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