Ugly Truth Ep. 63

For men, the cost of sex rather married or single is money. 

Kyle and Kamal get real about their failures.

Cardi shows off gifts Offset gave her. 

Teachers are going to Sugar Daddy sites to supplement their income.

Oprah explains why she is not married. 

Warrick Dunn is the Dude of the Day. He built 145 houses for single moms and their families. One of the recipients of that house was Deshaun Watson. Amazing. 

Coach suspended and fined for running up the score.

Is it ok to run up the score? 

Lesson of the day: Never forget how important your dough is. She might try to downplay how important it is, but Fellas, your money is the equivalent of her face, her ass, hair, and chest.

Limpid Love was on Episode 12 Courtney Black

Reference: Hip-Hop Evolution

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