First Priority Ep. 64

Lisa Raye says her friend Duane Martin honored his relationship with her husband instead of the one Duane had with her.

Swaggy P put his lady first which meant passing up on a chance with Rihanna.

Kyle and Kamal are reminded that you must do the most important job before you chase your dreams. 

A Dear Erby writer is upset that her mother in law checked her child.

Kyle Explains the three types of men:

  1. Provider, but he can become a trick (A sucker). 
  2. The Manager, but he can become a pimp. 
  3. And the Mooch. 

And according to Kyle, if she “Invests” in to you too long without an ROI, you start to move into Mooch territory. 

Kyle shares his favorite Sadiki Fuller story about the time Sadiki promised to help Kyle stay faithful to his wife, but then changed his mind at the worst possible time. 

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