Previous Issues Ep. 74

The matching Christmas PJs photo is the new Halloween matching costume photo.

Guest: Dominique Purdy

Lindsey Vonn gets her dude to rock an engagement ring.

Kamal finds out if he has Diabetes or not. 

A replay of failed resolutions from 2019 and more realistic goals for 2020

Kamal learns an important lesson from Fantasy Football

Kyle gets a new job and explains the lesson he learned from Morris Day about paying dues. 

A week before Kyle’s teaching interview an old issue comes back that could derail his job aspirations. 

Kyle gets his daughters together and it was beautiful until they started asking tough questions about his past. 

Dear Erby writer wants to know if he should transfer his son because of the basketball coach.

Lesson of the Day: Make your kid undeniable before you take him to another school

Happy New Year! 

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