Soft Dudes Ep. 125

  • Post Nut Story from a guy who tried to pimp his way out of not paying rent.
  • TI says whomever pays the cost at the house, should be the boss. Even the kids.
  • Lil Wayne laments not getting nominated or invited to Grammys.
  • Lil Baby has ANOTHER Porn Star putting his girl on blast.
  • Kyle is Met the guy who booked the job. 
  • Too $hort Vz E-40.
  • A new Stimulus package is on the way.
  • Biden gets a vaccine and took it like a G. Gives Operation Warp Speed and the admin some props.  
  • College Football playoffs are set.
  • Tiger Woods and his son play golf together.
  • Nadia from Brooklyn is single again.

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