Be Good Ep. 133

  • A Dear Erby from a woman who’s man skipped out on Valentines Day.
  • Ayesha Curry poses nude.
  • Halle Berry Speaks out on Child Support.
  • Dave Chappelle puts out a new “mixed tape.”
  • Dre’s wife wants to know if he bought a his side piece a house. 
  • A Post Nut story from a man who took advantage of a girl in his ski club.
  • Halle Berry Claps Back on me and Dave Chappelle Claps Back on Kamal.
  • Trump Not Guilty.
  • Michael B Jordan raised the bar for Valentines day.
  • Big ups to Michael Jordan and Kodak Black, but Pac Man Jones gets in trouble again.
  • Kamal is back from Utah.
  • RIP Larry Flint
  • RIP Vincent Jackson

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