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  • Equal Pay Ep. 189

    Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Comes up. Lil Durk explains how he picked his wife.  A Woman bought her husband a Lambo for the work he’s about to do.  Kyle got some […]

  • “Enabling Foolishness” Ep. 188

    What we thought of Ali Wong’s Netflix Special. The U.S is going after the Russian Oligarchs. A Post Nut from a woman who regrets helping her friend. A Disgruntled Woman […]

  • “Her Standards” Ep. 187

    Cam Newton explains why he didn’t marry his baby momma. A rapper was put ON BLAST on the Gram by his baby momma. We have a Post Nut from a […]

  • “Top Rank” Ep. 186

    Will Smith revealed who he’d have in his harem, who would be in Yours? A Post Nut from a woman who regrets hooking up with a guy, but you will […]

  • “Direct Question” Ep 185

    Was this the best halftime show ever? A Post Nut from a woman who always wanted to hook up with an NBA super star. Cam has a strict rule about […]

  • Racist Apology Ep. 184

    Joe Rogan said the N Word, are we cancelling? Kanye and Kim are having problems co-parenting. Ice Cube performs at a NASCAR event in LA. A Post Nut from a […]

  • ”Props Addict” Ep. 183

    Nick Cannon Has another baby on the way. A bride wants a divorce right after the wedding. A Post Nut from a woman who regrets hooking up with her ex. […]

  • “Crazy Cycle” Ep. 182

    Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are done. An Awesome Wife of the Week in the world of sports.  A Post Nut from a guy who hit the jack pot with […]

  • “Soccer Mom” Ep. 181

    Drake found a new way to avoid paying child support. Kanye and Kim have entered the baby mamma drama phase of their relationship. A Post Nut from A woman gets […]

  • “Broken Spirit” Ep. 180

    Will Smith had to learn a painful lesson from family game night. Joey Badass has some advice for Tristan Thompson. The Awesome Wife of the Week looked out for her […]