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  • “Drastic Response” Ep 198

    Rajon Rondo pulls a gun on his baby momma. Man Goes on a Racist Killing Spree at Buffalo Super Market. Grambling’s Volleyball coach starts over in a whole new way. […]

  • “Thirsty Scam” Ep. 197

    Brandon Blackstock asks Kelly Clarkson to stop recording him. Olivia was served in a WILDE way. Dwayne Haskins ex is fed up with fake love. Kyle got hacked on Instagram. […]

  • “Exposed Betrayal” Ep. 196

    Amir Khan’s wife ran while he was getting robbed. Amber Heard is losing in the court of public opinion. Vince Wilfork’s son pleads guilty of stealing his father’s championship rings. […]

  • “Parental Guidance” Ep. 195

     Was Meg Protecting the Man Who Shot Her? Kyrie Irving makes the Hoe Shit Segment. Is it okay to ask your wife NOT to vent after work? A Gangster is […]

  • Permanent Protection Ep. 194

    Shaq takes the blame for his divorce. David Beckham’s son Brooklyn takes his wife’s last name. A Divorce Lawyer suggests men should always pay on the first date. Did Kyle […]

  • Strong Rebound Ep. 193

    Cam says these women need to talk less. Louis CK wins Best Comedy Album at The Grammys. Jesse Williams gets a reduction in his child support payments. Will got a […]

  • Goof Balls Ep. 192

    Our take on Jerod Carmichael’s new HBO special and him Hosting SNL. Pusha T Drops a Diss Track Towards McDonalds. Tom Brady’s Marriage is Rumored to Be in Trouble  A […]

  • Lost Crown Ep. 191

    We discuss Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Jesse Williams wants to pay less child support. Meg Thee Stallion blames “Greedy Ass Men” for her label dispute. Awesome Wife of The […]

  • “Special Episode” Ep. 190

    Kyle’s Dad Passes Away. How Men Handle Death. A Post Nut from a guy who’s hook up with a sexy nurse went left. Our Take on T.I doing Stand up. […]

  • Equal Pay Ep. 189

    Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Comes up. Lil Durk explains how he picked his wife.  A Woman bought her husband a Lambo for the work he’s about to do.  Kyle got some […]