Tag: 50 Cent

  • “ Disrespectful Ambush” Ep. 214

    Chris Redd is with his friend Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. 50 Cent’s Son says Getting $6,700 per Month in Child Support Wasn’t Enough. A Post Nut from a dude who […]

  • “Losing Battle” Ep. 170

    50 Says Jada Should Stop Talking  Is it okay to run up the score on your opponent? Is having a White Woman bad for business? A Dear Erby from a […]

  • Ep. 129 “Grime Time”

    50 gets a tat that looks a lot like his girlfriend. Bow Wow doesn’t want to be the fall guy for his Houston concert. Charles Barkley says athletes should get […]

  • “Check In” Ep. 117

    Kyle and Kamal talk about the new rules of consent.  Kyle does stand up again at the Comedy Store.  Kamal explains why Trump doesn’t really have a health care plan.  […]