Tag: Collin Kaepernick

  • “Same Page” Ep. 204

    Roe Vs. Wade was overturned. Biden signs gun reform bill. A Post Nut from a guy who’s dream of having sex on the beach turned into a nightmare. Kap’s workout […]

  • “Pimp Slime” Ep. 171

    Kanye broke the internet on Drink Champs. Will Smith continues to gets no respect in his own home. Did J. Lo Dis Wesley Snipes? Collin Kaepernick has a Series on […]

  • Floyd Effect Ep. 97

    Candace Owens is playing us all.  Drew Brees places foot in mouth. NFL Players demand change We were unfair to Collin Kaepernick. Jay Z saves the day.  Vertina notices White […]