Tag: Comedy

  • Lost Crown Ep. 191

    We discuss Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Jesse Williams wants to pay less child support. Meg Thee Stallion blames “Greedy Ass Men” for her label dispute. Awesome Wife of The […]

  • Equal Pay Ep. 189

    Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Comes up. Lil Durk explains how he picked his wife.  A Woman bought her husband a Lambo for the work he’s about to do.  Kyle got some […]

  • “Enabling Foolishness” Ep. 188

    What we thought of Ali Wong’s Netflix Special. The U.S is going after the Russian Oligarchs. A Post Nut from a woman who regrets helping her friend. A Disgruntled Woman […]

  • “Her Standards” Ep. 187

    Cam Newton explains why he didn’t marry his baby momma. A rapper was put ON BLAST on the Gram by his baby momma. We have a Post Nut from a […]

  • Racist Apology Ep. 184

    Joe Rogan said the N Word, are we cancelling? Kanye and Kim are having problems co-parenting. Ice Cube performs at a NASCAR event in LA. A Post Nut from a […]

  • ”Props Addict” Ep. 183

    Nick Cannon Has another baby on the way. A bride wants a divorce right after the wedding. A Post Nut from a woman who regrets hooking up with her ex. […]

  • “Crazy Cycle” Ep. 182

    Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are done. An Awesome Wife of the Week in the world of sports.  A Post Nut from a guy who hit the jack pot with […]

  • “Soccer Mom” Ep. 181

    Drake found a new way to avoid paying child support. Kanye and Kim have entered the baby mamma drama phase of their relationship. A Post Nut from A woman gets […]

  • “Trapped Mentality” Ep. 177

    We have a Post Nut from a guy who made a mistake he didn’t even know he was making. Can a marriage drive you to drink? We are Investigating the […]

  • “Second Smash” Ep. 175

    Fetty Wap was put in his place by his baby mamma. Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes teamed up for a Netflix drama. Tristan Strikes again. We have a Post nut […]