Tag: Kyle Erby

  • “Manipulative Advantage” Ep. 212

    The Woman King is facing Backlash Is it time for Gisele to waive the white flag on her marriage to Tom Brady? BLUEFACE knocks out CHRISEAN ROCK’s father. A Post […]

  • ‘New Era” Ep 211

    The Queen has passed. Ne-Yo’s soon to be ex wife wants Spousal Support. Lamar Jackson turned down $250 million. A Post Nut from a guy who went to see an […]

  • “Childish Mistakes” Ep. 210

    Kanye is having more drama with his Baby Momma. Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears sued for child molestation. USC has its first Black QB in 31 years.  A Dear Erby […]

  • “Equal Value” Ep. 209

    Biden is paying back student loans. Hillary explains why she stayed with Bill KD staying in Brooklyn. A Post Nut from a woman who gave a man some and he […]

  • “Dog Fish” Ep. 208

    Coach Prime says there needs to be tiers of the NFL HOF.  Son saw moms cheating. What should he do? Dr Fauci set to retire in December.  A Post Nut […]

  • Justified Return Ep. 207

    The Game goes in on Eminem. DeShaun Watson gets six game suspension.  Is there a domestic violence double standard?  Hoe Shit brings Kamal to tears. A Post Nut from a man […]

  • “Warning Signs” Ep. 206

    Is R. Kelly Engaged? Is it okay to date a man and his former roommate? One of DeShaun Watson’s Victims Changed Her Tone. A dear Erby from a woman who’s […]

  • “Abandon Ship” Ep. 205

    Kevin Durant wants out of Brooklyn. USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac 12. A man says he was fired for being brown and gay. A Post Nut from a […]

  • “Same Page” Ep. 204

    Roe Vs. Wade was overturned. Biden signs gun reform bill. A Post Nut from a guy who’s dream of having sex on the beach turned into a nightmare. Kap’s workout […]

  • “Court Divorce” Ep 203

    Was Khloe’s demands on Tristan reasonable? Teen Girls protest outside Supreme Court Justice’s Home Shakira and her husband are done. A Post Nut from A guy who thought his friend’s […]