Tag: Kyle Erby

  • Strung Out Ep. 5

    Your daughter's not a Princess. Man Justice: Gloria Govan Arrested. Hated man of the week: Louis CK. Dear Erby: Strung out on the wrong woman. Case of The Missing Balls […]

  • Hen Pecked Ep. 4

    How men end up getting henpecked.  “The Case of the Missing Balls Vol. 1”,  a “Dear Erby” writer wonders if she should cut it off with a married man.  “Hated […]

  • Blended Family Ep. 3

    Ian Edwards performs stand-up comedy about getting his birthday stolen. Kyle tells the story of how his birthday was stolen too. But not by his woman. By Kamal’s. Kyle explains […]

  • Super Coochie Ep. 2

    Vertina Love defends women against Kyle’s super coochie theory. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS | More

  • Code Switch Ep. 1

    When Kyle guest starred on Marc Maron’s TV show, Marc talked about how intimidating black crowds can be to white comics. They can be tough for black comics too, and […]