Tag: MRA

  • “Shoe Maker ” Ep. 216

    Jason Sudeikis allegedly banned his rival’s music in his home. A Substitute teacher is fired for tweets about Black Mother’s needing men in their lives. The NHL is trying to […]

  • “Rule Breaker” Ep. 215

    Akon admits to pulling a switcheroo on his fans. Jalen Rose’s sister suffers from an apparent extreme case of entitlement. Tough week for LA Sports Fans. Is football going soft? […]

  • “ Disrespectful Ambush” Ep. 214

    Chris Redd is with his friend Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. 50 Cent’s Son says Getting $6,700 per Month in Child Support Wasn’t Enough. A Post Nut from a dude who […]

  • ‘New Era” Ep 211

    The Queen has passed. Ne-Yo’s soon to be ex wife wants Spousal Support. Lamar Jackson turned down $250 million. A Post Nut from a guy who went to see an […]

  • “Dog Fish” Ep. 208

    Coach Prime says there needs to be tiers of the NFL HOF.  Son saw moms cheating. What should he do? Dr Fauci set to retire in December.  A Post Nut […]

  • “Again Tomorrow” Ep. 202

    Dell Curry and His Wife’s New Boos have something in common. Should Black Men automatically vote for Black Women? An Actress Used A Surrogate Because Getting Pregnant Would Hurt Her […]

  • “Move Forward” Ep. 200

    Ricky Williams takes his wife’s name Trump says it’s time to arm our teachers. Did Offset’s Two Crawl Backs Work? Ksoo gets Hoe Shit award. A Post Nut from a […]

  • Monster Mentality Ep 199

    Texas School Shooting. Bronny Takes a White Girl to Prom. A Listener is Dealing with a Toxic Mother in Law. Post Nut from a guy who’s friend was doing too […]

  • “Parental Guidance” Ep. 195

     Was Meg Protecting the Man Who Shot Her? Kyrie Irving makes the Hoe Shit Segment. Is it okay to ask your wife NOT to vent after work? A Gangster is […]

  • Equal Pay Ep. 189

    Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Comes up. Lil Durk explains how he picked his wife.  A Woman bought her husband a Lambo for the work he’s about to do.  Kyle got some […]