Tag: MRA

  • Monster Mentality Ep 199

    Texas School Shooting. Bronny Takes a White Girl to Prom. A Listener is Dealing with a Toxic Mother in Law. Post Nut from a guy who’s friend was doing too […]

  • “Parental Guidance” Ep. 195

     Was Meg Protecting the Man Who Shot Her? Kyrie Irving makes the Hoe Shit Segment. Is it okay to ask your wife NOT to vent after work? A Gangster is […]

  • Equal Pay Ep. 189

    Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Comes up. Lil Durk explains how he picked his wife.  A Woman bought her husband a Lambo for the work he’s about to do.  Kyle got some […]

  • “Direct Question” Ep 185

    Was this the best halftime show ever? A Post Nut from a woman who always wanted to hook up with an NBA super star. Cam has a strict rule about […]

  • The Axe Ep. 16

    Reaction to Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks. What the Draymond and KD beef means for your relationship. Matt Barnes gets the kids! Child Support Solution: The Baby Mamma Debit Card. Ex […]

  • The Broom Ep. 15

    Kamal gets married on the podcast! How he pulled off a surprise wedding. MRA style wedding vows. Newlywed Vertina Love stops by. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS […]

  • The Game Ep. 14

    Baby Showers. The List. The Alibi. Can women handle the truth? (Sketch) Wife taking advantage (Dear Erby). Time Travel Sketch (Repeat). Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS | […]

  • Crazy Women Ep. 13

    Vertina Love explains why women can appear crazy. Khloe’s strategy with Tristan Thompson. Candyman is taking his wife for granted. Raising our kids in a gender neutral society, Dear Erby. […]

  • Courtney Black Ep. 12

    Courtney Black explains what makes a woman done with men. Too busy for me, but still wants his needs met (Dear Erby). Two romance negotiators fight for the best deal […]

  • Buyer’s Remorse Ep. 11

    Can a shrink stop your mate from cheating? Married too young. Rules for riding dirty with a side piece. Jurisdiction: Can you bring your new boo to the spot where […]