Tag: SNL

  • “ Disrespectful Ambush” Ep. 214

    Chris Redd is with his friend Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. 50 Cent’s Son says Getting $6,700 per Month in Child Support Wasn’t Enough. A Post Nut from a dude who […]

  • Reckless Hater Ep. 114

    Kamal had a medical procedure. Trump and Biden Debacle.  Trump diagnosed with   COVID. A Post Nut Mode story about a guy who’s luck ran out. B Smith’s Widower and the White […]

  • Christmas Drama Ep. 73

    Hallmark Christmas movies are like porn for women.  The Fellas Geek out over Eddie’s SNL return. A Dear Erby writer wants to know if he should confess to his daughter […]