Tag: Vertina Love

  • Ep. 143 Hypocrisy Standard

    Trump lashes out at Lebron James. A man is dating twin sisters. Japanese man arrested for hustling 35 women. Kim Kardashian’s type of man.  Special Guest Vertina Love translates a […]

  • “Check In” Ep. 117

    Kyle and Kamal talk about the new rules of consent.  Kyle does stand up again at the Comedy Store.  Kamal explains why Trump doesn’t really have a health care plan.  […]

  • Floyd Effect Ep. 97

    Candace Owens is playing us all.  Drew Brees places foot in mouth. NFL Players demand change We were unfair to Collin Kaepernick. Jay Z saves the day.  Vertina notices White […]

  • Fair Turnabout Ep. 61

    Ca. Opens the door to College Players getting paid! Stacey Dash calls the cops on her husband but SHE ends up arrested.   Kardashian drama: Is it ever ok to spank […]

  • Love Lies Ep. 56

    When you love her, sometimes you just have to lie to her. It’s a Battle of the sexes with the return of our favorite guest, Vertina Love. Vertina explains that […]

  • The Broom Ep. 15

    Kamal gets married on the podcast! How he pulled off a surprise wedding. MRA style wedding vows. Newlywed Vertina Love stops by. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS […]

  • Crazy Women Ep. 13

    Vertina Love explains why women can appear crazy. Khloe’s strategy with Tristan Thompson. Candyman is taking his wife for granted. Raising our kids in a gender neutral society, Dear Erby. […]

  • Blended Family Ep. 3

    Ian Edwards performs stand-up comedy about getting his birthday stolen. Kyle tells the story of how his birthday was stolen too. But not by his woman. By Kamal’s. Kyle explains […]

  • Super Coochie Ep. 2

    Vertina Love defends women against Kyle’s super coochie theory. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS | More

  • Code Switch Ep. 1

    When Kyle guest starred on Marc Maron’s TV show, Marc talked about how intimidating black crowds can be to white comics. They can be tough for black comics too, and […]